Nursing Home (Medicaid) Qualifications

Nursing Home (Medicaid) Qualifications

Our goal is to avoid emergency anything! Planning ahead of time eliminates undue stress, saves money and allows life to be lived with confidence.


America’s population is aging, and the cost of long term care and nursing home facilities is skyrocketing. With the amount of government funding for this type of care dwindling, Medicaid Planning is becoming more and more important.


Every few years the Medicaid eligibility rules change, making it hard for individuals and families to protect their assets and qualify for Medicaid. Thankfully, there is a means of avoiding the loss of hard-earned assets in the event that you or a loved one requires long term care. If you or a loved one are facing a nursing home stay, there are steps we can take to help qualify for Medicaid assistance as well as protect assets from associated expenses. Learn more about The Medicaid Maze!


Explore available nursing home protections or apply for emergency Medicaid assistance by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Jacob or Justin.

Medicaid is NOT Medicare. Know the difference.